Physics Video Lecture for CBSE (Android / Pendrive )
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http://smithsdaffodils.com/writing-an-resume/ Important Features of CBSE Physics Video Lecture

•  Students can replay videos number of times which helps them in revision. Major advantage of e-learning is its accessibility. •   Students can get education anywhere & anytime. We understand that...

Kad Tutorial – Class 12 Physics + Chemistry + Maths (PCM) Video Lectures for IIT JEE
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source Features:

  • This video lecture package is enriched with problem solving tools and assessment that would serve as a one-stop solution. The Objective for IIT-JEE is an endeavor to prepare the students for IITJEE(Mains or...

Chemistry Video Lecture for JEE/NEET ( Android / Pendrive )
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Preparing for Chemistry might be difficult as it involves multiple concepts. Questions from Physical and Organic Chemistry are application based therefore students need to sharpen their concepts. Our JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Video Lectures...