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click here 7.1 Development of Cricket in England Summary

Nearly 500 years ago, cricket developed in rural England out of several stick and ball games. Till the 18th century, cricket bats were curved like hockey sticks. The game was originally played on unfenced land in English villages with no defined......

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helper to do dissertation research Summary

Until the 18th century, land in England was not divided into any enclosed, private agricultural fields. The strips of land around a village were used for cultivation. At the onset of every year, each villager was allocated different strips of land to cultivate. This......

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argumentive research paper 3.1 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler: An Introduction Summary

The Second World War was the most destructive event of modern times and the first time when nuclear weapons were used. The warring countries were divided into two military alliances—the allied powers and the axis powers. The......

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get 7.1 Disaster Management best essay about life Summary

A disaster is a destructive event that occurs suddenly and involves loss of life and property. Disasters can be of two types, natural and man-made. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis, floods, cyclones, landslides, avalanches and droughts are natural disasters and man has no control over them. The......

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