Book: History

source link 6.1 Agriculture in England

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Until the 18th century, land in England was not divided into any enclosed, private agricultural fields. The strips of land around a village were used for cultivation. At the onset of every year, each villager was allocated different strips of land to cultivate. This......

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Nomads are people who move from one place to the other to escape harsh weather and to find conditions suitable to earn a livelihood. There are different communities of Nomadic Pastoralists in India. Pastoralists are people who earn their living by raising......

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2.1 Factors Leading to Socialism in Europe Buy Ashampoo Snap 9 Summary

The Russian Revolution changed life forever. Replacing the monarchy rule, Socialism promised peace and equality to all. The French Revolution during the late 18th century propagated the ideas of freedom and equality. It showed that people could decide who controlled the......

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